Alex Shkunov

Software developer

MultiLinguaPro screenshot

Appointments Web App

When: May - June 2017
Tech: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, PayPal ExpressCheckout, Facebook REST API
Description: Web Application for finding language teacher and reserving an individual lesson right away.
"Learning at suitable for YOU time"

Homepi screenshot

Home Pi

When: April - June 2016

Tech: JavScript, Node-RED, Kodi, Wunderlist API & Mobile client, Trello API
Description: Digital content assistant & media center based on Raspberry Pi.
Few interval jobs to check content from various sites, e.g. new Film trailers at and send notifications to Mobile via Wunderlist about new tv-series.

Quizzium screenshot


When: March - May 2014
Role: Developer
Tasks: Design, development

Description: Java web application to conduct small tests and multiple-choice based exams in schools and universities. Quizzium is devoted to an idea of easier life for all, students and teachers. For student it is possibility to see results immediately, whereas for teacher it is great assistance for evaluating and checking tests.

Fridge assistant screenshot

Fridge assistant

When: April - May 2014
Role: Developer

Description: Android native application for manual tracking items in fridge in order to remember if you need to buy something.

omniBill screenshot


When: January - May 2014
Role: Software designer
Tasks: Design & Architecture, development

Description: WPF application, the fourth semester university course project. In team of 3 members we developed the invoicing desktop application for small companies.

Ultimate security survey screenshot

Ultimate Security Survey

When: November - December 2013
Role: Development team member, Scrum master
Tasks: Design & Architecture, Database development, Back-end development

Description: MVC4 application, the third semester university course project. In team of 4 members we developed the application for making security audits in middle size and small companies, following National Security Auditing Criteria guidelines and questions (KATARKI).
You will know about security more than ever before

Money Planey screenshot

Echo Lynx

When: October - November 2013
Role: Sole Developer
Description: WPF application, Control over voice system. Using speech recognition it gets phrase queries, does some task and comes up with various responses.
Chill out and say what you want.

Money Planey screenshot

Money Planey

When: Jule - August 2013
Role: Sole Developer
Tech: HTML5 local storage, jQuery ajax and effects, HighCharts
Description: Single page web application. Personal financial planner. Money planey can help to overview a picture of your financial future, estimate projected income and assets value.
Plan your futue today.

Earth Defender screenshot

Earth Defender

When: June 2013
Role: Sole Developer
Description: My debut in game industry. HTML5/JavaScript small game. Main goal is to protect the earth from asteroids. Be the First - Defend the Earth!

Idea case screenshot

Idea Case

When: May 2013
Role: Implementation
Description: My university first year project, ASP.NET web forms application for storing personal data, ideas, votes and retrieving them. Interaction with database, validation controls use.