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Hi there! My Name is Alex Shkunov, I'm young, optimistic and motivated Information Technology professional with the intention to do serious stuff.

Already 27 years I've been walking the earth, and so far I have a pretty interesting life. I was an actor in a children theatre, I played as a lead guitarist in a band as famous as Metallica, but on a local level. Also not sure how that happened, but I've got two medals on taekwondo local championships under beginners category (my own karate-kid story, huh).

And now I'm one of the luckiest persons because I found out what I want to do in life. In high school my primary subjects were history, civics and rights. However probably influenced by "Back to future" movie I've been always more interested in mathematics and physics, and that's actually strange because my mathematics teacher was a spooky woman.

Anyway in the end I found a field where logical thinking, problem solving and scientific methods are an essential part of the work. As well as IT has one of the key roles in Business and Entertaiment. Programming isn't just a subject of studies or work-field for me, it is my passion and way of thinking.


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